Commissioning a piece of art involves asking an artist to create something specifically for you. This might involve a brief that you give them, for example a fine art portrait for your home, a themed shoot which is conceptual, or simply certain colours you may want in your image. Commissions do not need to involve a brief. You may simply desire to have a piece of completely unique photography that you are a part of.


Commissioning is a special experience: a meeting of minds between client and artist. The unique result is not only a bespoke work of art that you will treasure for years, it also holds the memories of the creative process that went into making it. There are many reasons to commission a piece of art; as a feature piece for corporate environments, such as luxury hotels, offices, restaurants, or as a personal piece art art to display on the walls of your home.

At Fine art by Cameo we use the human form as inspiration for our pieces of art. This could be using yourself as the muse, model and main focus, or hiring a model to create your piece. We offer full design of style and feel of your photographs, complete direction of posing in our studio and photoshoot by our expert photographer, as well as specialist fine art post-production of your images; creating a perfect piece of art just for you.