A photographic composite is two or more original images overlapped or superimposed to create a new single image. At Fine art by Cameo we create our unique composites by combining portraits we shoot in our studio, with our bespoke fine art by cameo backgrounds. Our backgrounds have all been captured by our in-house photographer, so are completely exclusive to our institute.

If you or a loved one have the perfect place for a piece of art but have not found any thing that is to your tastes or standards, then why not create a photographic composite that is completely personalised and exclusive. We offer full direction of posing by our professional photographer, so if you are looking to create a composite with yourself as the feature, you will not need any modelling or photo shoot experience.


Creating a composite means you will not have the hassle of travel in order to create the look you desire, saving you time and any unnecessary stress. This also means, if you are choosing to wear an extravagant gown or luxury suit, you will not have any chances of your garments being damaged on location.


A photographic composite also gives you reliability, as there will be no unexpected cancellations due to the weather. You can simply book in your preferred photo-shoot date and enjoy being photographed in a warm and cozy studio.


At fine art by cameo we work with the human body as our muse, so if you are looking to create a fine art nude and want a location feel, a photographic composite allows you to create this from the privacy of a studio.