bespoke head masks



Image 8 from the series “Halting Autumn “. Limited edition Giclée photographic Print on premium Photo Rag 300gsm fine art paper, with a matt finish and smooth texture. Beautiful and long-lasting, this heavy weight paper will retain tonality and hue. Limited edition of 50, numbered and titled on the back. Print sizes of 10×8″, 20×16″ and 30×24” (print sizes include a white boarder). The artwork is sold unframed.

In this series we feature hand made head pieces, created in-house using leaves, and flowers. We came up with the idea in the turn of autumn when we started seeing the leaves and plants change. We wanted to create something that would freeze the plants in their current state. We did this using the camera as the medium to mirror they way a photograph also captures and freezes a point in time. We shot the head pieces using a nude model to avoid capturing any man made material in the images, as well as to show the natural form and curves of the body. The post production on the image is aimed to draw the attention to the head pieces whilst showing off the shadows produced by the figures curves. The head pieces are placed to cover the eyes to create a lack of identity. The image is not meant to be about the person but about the coupling of the body and the plants or flowers.

Recommended photographic presentation. Image title from left to right: Halting Autumn #6, Halting Autumn #8




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